Wireless Network Site Surveys

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Wireless Network Site Surveys

Dimension Network Systems has installed hundreds of wireless networks across all economic sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, education, finance, retail, customer service, and more. We understand that each client has specific requirements, which is why we provide in-depth WAN site surveys to ensure your IT network system can be designed with your unique needs in mind.

As well as offering wireless site surveys for new IT networks, we provide upgrades on existing network systems. Older legacy 802.11n/ac wireless networks can be easily upgraded and replaced with the new Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax networks designed with mobility, BYOD, high bandwidth, and high-density requirements in mind.

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How Our WAN Site Surveys Work

It is essential to avoid a trial-and-error installation of your wireless LAN, which is why Dimension Network Systems offers unique and personalised site surveys for all of our clients. An on-site wireless survey provides a proactive, physical approach that will identify interference issues and ensure the correct placement of Access Points for optimal performance.

During one of our onsite wireless surveys, we will determine the exact bandwidth achievable in all locations of your building for all users. If you are planning to implement a Wi-Fi network and require budgetary costs, we can carry out Virtual Desktop Wireless Surveys using Ekahau and IBWave software tools to estimate the location and quantity of access points.

We can also provide surveys which highlights the wireless coverage and health of your network by carrying out a Heatmap Survey. This survey can show you how well your network is performing e.g :

  • Display the signal coverage from selected access points

  • Display throughput in specified areas

  • Search for rogue access points i.e non corporate access points

  • Highlight any interference / noise that may be affecting performance of the network