Wireless Network Site Surveys

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Wireless Network Site Surveys

Dimension Network Systems has installed hundreds of wireless networks across all economic sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, education, finance, retail, customer service, and more. We understand that each client has specific requirements, which is why we provide in-depth Wifi Planning Surveys to ensure your network solution will be designed with your unique requirements in mind.

As more organisations are moving to replace wired networks with WIFI, the importance of correct design and planning for coverage, user capacity and secure access control becomes more and more important.
Wi-Fi is no longer a network of convenience or used as a secondary method of connecting to the network. Wireless has replaced wired as the connection method of choice for many users and increasingly, in organisations.

Users today expect the wireless network to be simple to use, super-fast at delivering and receiving data, and smart enough to allow roaming at will, regardless of the device or application - video, voice, or data.


The Wireless LAN Association (WLA) in 2018 published a design / planning process called the “Standardized WLAN Enterprise Engineering Process,” or “SWEEP.” SWEEP is intended to standardize the design process for Wi-Fi networks and to encourage best practices across the industry, independent of vendor choices or specific applications - Dimension Network Systems employ these best practices.

SWEEP methodology is made up of four key stages that are executed sequentially. They are Define, Design, Deploy, and Validate.

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 Define: This is the gathering requirements stage. This includes functional requirements such as usage, coverage, and capacity.

For every greenfield deployment or redesign, project requirements and scope need to be defined with the customer e,g What does the system have to do?


Connect smartphones and laptops to the corporate network ? What bandwidth do your applications require? Will you use Wireless Voice applications? Security? - Perhaps even more important than, performance, your WIFI network needs to be designed for security.


Guest access to be simple and unencrypted but corporate users will require encrypted communication, based on their credentials and company policies. It is very important to define your security requirements.

Heatmap Signal Coverage

Heatmap Signal Coverage

Design: It is essential to avoid a trial-and-error installation of your wireless LAN, which is why Dimension Network Systems offers unique and personalised site surveys for all of our clients.

An on-site wireless survey provides a proactive, physical approach. While WiFi signals pass through drywall, plywood, and most building materials relatively easily, there are exceptions. Glass walls, metal, brick, and reinforced concrete can absorb or completely block WIFI signals. This is why an onsite approach is most beneficial.

Our access point is temporarily positioned in these environments and RSSI signal measurements are taken from the access point to measure actual signal coverage in the environment.
With the information gathered, a design report will be created and presented to the client to enable the procurement of required equipment.


We also perform Predictive Desktop surveys. If you are considering implementing a new wireless network and need assistance with estimating access point quantity projections and equipment costing models - a predictive desktop survey is recommended. Predictive Desktop Surveys use planning tools such as Ekahau and are a common choice for buildings and sites where it isn't practical or possible to attend site, for example, a new corporate HQ or Hospital construction.

With this kind of survey, the wireless engineer will load AutoCAD floor plans for the site and uses planning tools to create a model of the radio frequency (RF) environment at your location

Wireless Network Pass / Fail

Wireless Network Pass / Fail

Deploy: During the Deploy stage, all hardware and equipment should be installed and configured as per the design report.


Validate: Once a Wireless LAN (WLAN) has been deployed, the final stage in the end-to-end design process is validation. This step is crucial to ensure that the wireless network meets the specified requirements. A Heatmap Survey is carried out that will for example, display the coverage areas, the data rate in each area and any co channel interference issues and will confirm if the network meets the design.

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