Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Wi-Fi-based RTLS systems are the primary solutions utilized in the field of location real time tracking today. The benefit of using the existing enterprise-wide wireless infrastructure (Wi-Fi) to also provide asset and people tracking services is very clear.

The Ekahau system operates over your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and it provides the industry’s best location tracking performance and accuracy at a fraction of what other systems cost.

Small, battery-powered location tags are attached to assets or carried by people. The system locates the tags accurately, in real-time, using just your Wi-Fi network. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops can also be tracked with Ekahau Positioning Client software.

In manufacturing facilities and storage yards, assets can be located and tracked both indoors and outdoors. As a manufacturer you can quickly find supplies, finished products and fixed assets.

In hospitals and nursing home facilities, RTLS can improve staff safety and keep track of patients. Knowing where wanderers are and preventing elopement, significantly reduce the risks of injury or death.
Safety and high-quality resident care are two parameters that are integral to the mission of any long-term care facility. As part of any risk management program you have to factor in wandering and eloping patients.

How can the facility have a humane system that monitors the residents while preserving their dignity and self-respect?

Ekahau’s real-time location solutions (RTLS) are perfectly tailored to keep track of residents and alert you when an incident requires immediate attention. The rechargeable wrist tag (worn like a wristwatch) acts as a personal beacon that lets care givers know if a patient has crossed into a space (such as leaving the building) that they should not be.
Any type of entry or exit event can be monitored and the alerts can be sent to staff member with their own wi-fi pager badges.
With Ekahau’s Vision software installed on any computer, tablet or smartphone, staff can see where a resident is in the facility and locate them instantly should they need assistance. With Ekahau’s Vision software you can even track historical location data to manage incident reports and other situation that require time-stamp documentation.