Network Design & Installation

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Our IT Network Design Process

  • Analysis of your needs

  • Selection of appropriate networking technologies

  • Network architecture design, backed up by schematics and documentation

  • A "second opinion" on an existing design

  • Advice on network strategy

  • Proof-of-concept trials, technology evaluation

Network Design & Installation

Here at Dimension Network Systems we offer full WAN design and installation services for customers in all commercial industries, providing quality network solutions to suit your company.

We not only design networks; we also deliver, install, and maintain them. We take you through the entire process, from needs analysis to the final working network, and beyond. We deliver a network integration service rather than just simple equipment installation, with personalised networks designed to suit your individual needs.

We ensure that our equipment not only functions properly but that it also becomes truly integrated and operational within your network environment. We make sure the network you get is the one you need in accordance with your current infrastructure, business requirements, and future goals. Our flexible approach to WAN installation & design allows you to choose the most appropriate design for your networks’ current and future requirements.

Our IT Network Installation Process

The WAN implementation phase includes two key steps: staging and installing.
Staging's pre-integration tests and configurations ensure components interoperate, minimising on-site delays, and equipment failure. We build your network and apply rigorous testing to ensure that the network is built and working prior to integration and installation on-site.


Our network engineers have extensive experience in integrating network products from numerous suppliers and are well-versed in all LAN/WAN protocols. Dimension Network Systems engineers can also draw upon a wealth of technical backup expertise from our chosen support partners and when needed, supplier support organisations with which we have contractual agreements.

Our contracts and SLAs are tailored to suit your organisation’s needs with our chosen support partners, we can provide 24/7 cover, 365 days a year.

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We Prioritise Client Collaboration

Getting a network from design to implementation can resemble a relay race. There’s a chance to “drop the baton" at each stage, particularly if you are managing several suppliers and contractors.
Here at Dimension Network Systems, we provide the necessary coordination and project management service from the initial evaluation of requirements to the final working system.

This can reduce your administrative costs and management risks significantly. By staying ahead of the technology curve, we have the ability to provide solutions that meet your networking demands today and to help plan technology migration strategies.