Wireless Site Surveys

It is essential to avoid a trial-and-error installation of your wireless LAN.

In a wireless network, many issues can arise which can prevent the radio frequency (RF) signal from reaching all parts of the facility.  A proactive, physical approach will identify interference issues e.g from inside and outside your facility and ensure the correct physical placement of Access Points for optimal performance and security for Staff devices, Guest users, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) users.

Installing a wireless network within an organization entails alot more then just performing a site survey. In fact, a site survey is just a small part of a wireless deployment. A better convention for the planning and
deployment of wireless network is wireless system design

A good wireless system design entails the following:
• A site survey
• Channel mapping
• An understanding of the construction of the building
• An understanding of where RF coverage is required
• The esthetical position (corridors, isles and coverage area blockages)
• The number of users per AP – High Density areas
• The required throughput per user – bandwidth considerations
• The distance from an AP to the LAN’s entry point
• Power supply options
• Security options – e.g Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD)

wireless heatmap

A proper site survey provides detailed information that addresses coverage, interference sources, equipment placement, power considerations and wiring requirements. The site survey documentation serves as a guide for network design and for the installation and verification of the Wireless communication infrastructure.

Dimension Network Systems provides a complete site survey which includes a final report document that will be presented to you with suggested hardware list and Access Point placement diagrams to forward onto your cabling contractors.