Network Configuration and Installation

Dimension Network Systems provide network engineers at your site to assemble hardware, configure software, load network addressing information. Our engineers oversee the installation and assures that the equipment functions electronically and that a connection to the network is achieved.

Network Integration

Dimension Network Systems deliver a network integration service rather than simple equipment installation. We ensure that equipment not only functions properly, but that it also becomes truly integrated and operational within your network environment. Our engineers will configure any necessary parameters; address information, subnet mask, SNMP configuration, protocols and hardware/software configuration, including activating network management software and loading IP addresses. Dimension Networks network integration service ensures that the customer will not have to accomplish any other activities for their network to be fully operational.

Multivendor Experience

Dimension Networks network engineers have extensive experience in integrating network products from numerous suppliers and are well-versed in all LAN/WAN protocols. We can provide customers with a single point of contact for their diverse multivendor network integration requirements, which in turn will save time and resources.

Technical backup Support

Dimension Networks engineers can draw upon a wealth of technical backup expertise from our chosen support partners and when needed, supplier support organisations with which we have contractual agreement. Our contracts and SLAs are tailored to suite your organisations needs with our chosen support partners. Dimension Networks can provide cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For more information please contact us.

IP Routing and Switching

IP Connectivity is the core of our business and is the heart of today’s modern data infrastructures. We partner with and design solutions based on best-of-breed routing and switching vendors such as Cisco and Avaya.

Whether situated at the core aggregating and switching traffic, or at the edge feeding in local services to the infrastructure, connecting remote workers to your LAN, IP connectivity is the cornerstones of our business.