IP Connectivity is the core of our business and is the heart of today’s modern data infrastructures. Whether situated at the core aggregating and switching traffic, or at the edge feeding in local services to the infrastructure, connecting remote workers to your LAN, IP connectivity is the cornerstones of our business.

Dimension Network Systems have over 20 years experience working with many of the leading technology vendors.   This enables us to design a solution that uses the “best-in-class” equipment and by staying ahead of the technology curve, we have the ability to provide solutions that meet your networking demands today and to help plan technology migration strategies for the future.
We not only design networks; we also deliver, install and maintain them.
We take you through the entire process, from needs analysis to the final
working network, and beyond.

Dimension Network Systems deliver a network integration service rather than simple equipment installation. We ensure that equipment not only functions properly, but that it also becomes truly integrated and operational within your network environment.